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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Needle Roll

This is something I've been meaning to do for I don't know how long.  I've been getting fed up with trying to keep track of  my needles in a bag for a very long time.  I saw Emma's one here, which linked to this pattern and decided imitation is the sincerest form of flattery so I would do one like this.  Had to get Daughter to help me understand the pattern, as, although Emma found it easy-peasy - and it is really - I was having a "Duh, don't understand" moment.  Daughter didn't want me to use the green material, because she thinks it's ugly, but I like it.  Anyway everything I used in this roll had the advantage of being immediately available, rather than requiring me to go out and spend that stuff I don't have much of: money! So here it is:

 I have tried to put the rolled version next to this photo, but it's not having it, so I'll waffle a bit about making it, then put the other photo further down.  I didn't bother with the zigzagging in the pattern, as I figured, well it's going to be tucked away between layers, so won't be likely to fray.  Also I didn't do the over-stitching round the edges because the way I had done it (possibly mis-reading the instructions - I'm good at that) there was not room for this whilst still leaving a reasonable pocket for a pair of needles.  I also didn't have any batting (is that what we call cotton wool?) either, so used the inside of an old pillow pulled out as thin as I could make it, but it was probably still a bit thicker than ideal.  Despite all my omissions, it took longer than it probably should have done as (1) I had to stop and oil the sewing machine as it hadn't been used for a Very Long Time, and (2) I decided to match the thread to the bit I was sewing (i.e. dark green thread on the mainly dark green bits and orange thread on the other bits) so the stitching blended in, so had to keep rethreading the needle.  I'm not absolutely delighted with the result, but it's functional, which is the main object of the exercise, so it'll do.

And here it is rolled up.  I did wonder if, with all the needles etc inside it and with the arguably too thick padding, it would actually roll, but it does.  I also thought that, with effectively three layers of stuff at the bottom but only one at the top, it might roll unevenly (skinny at the top and bulgy at the bottom), but it doesn't, so, not perfect, but not bad considering I haven't got my sewing machine out for so long.

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