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Wednesday, 4 May 2011


In amongst the yarn I got from ebay recently (see blanket post earlier), is some yarn which is black with white (I think) spun in amongst (but mainly black) which tells me it wants to be a hat - just not sure exactly what sort yet. I'm thinking beret of some sort.
Meanwhile, the hat on the left is one representative of a group of hats I made a while ago.  It started with my husband wanting one to wear whilst fishing.  I had/still have a pattern for a ribbed bobble hat, which we agreed seemed suitable, except he didn't want the bobble.  Hat one from this pattern was knitted in dark green and husband was very happy with it.  (He then wanted the fingerless gloves from the same pattern to go with it - more about them later in a 'gloves' post).

Son (aged about 17 at the time) saw the green hat and said he wanted a dark blue one.  He wanted the bobble, but not attached, and with googly eyes (!).  He was also happy with his hat - and Bobby the bobble, which got lost for a while, then refound.

Daughter didn't want to be left out and, although she had started knitting on a regular basis herself by then and has made several hats herself, including a Jayne hat, requested a purple one with bobble.  Hat three got done.  The bobble turned out bigger than intended, but she is happy with it.  (She did, however, knit fingerless gloves and a scarf for Son in the same colour as his hat and Bobby).

I seemed to have got wound up by then, so knitted hat four in grey for Son's then girlfriend (he told me she liked grey, otherwise I might have done a more girly colour)(see photo).  As all the previous ones had been different I decided hers would have to be too and added a flower-loom flower to hers.

I then moved on to another pattern and did a couple of hats for a work-mate.  I knitted the first one according to the pattern, a white lacy beret.  The pattern designer has stated that the pattern may not be used for commercial gain, so I won't be offering to do this one for sale.  My friend liked this one, but asked that I do another one not beret shape, just kind of head-hugging, so I did a black one based on the same pattern, but not going out and in again like a beret.  I also decided I didn't like doing a hat on dpns as the original beret was, so did this one on two straight needles and sewed it up.  Friend liked this one too and spoke of maybe asking me to do some others, but then I got made redundant from that job and several things have changed, although I'm still in touch with her and the others from the room I worked in.

When I've done the hat from the yarn mentioned at the beginning, I will probably put it up for sale if it's any good, as I hardly ever wear hats myself - which is why I don't have one made from the knitted bobble hat pattern, despite having made four!

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