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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Jumpers (sweaters/jerseys/pullovers - whatever you want to call them)

I have knitted many jumpers over the years, but not taken photos of most of them.  The ones I have pics of are shown below with comments.  There are some others which still exist, which I may take photos of later and add, but others are lost in the mists of time.

I have the complete Odhams collection from the 1970s in 7 volumes, which obviously includes many patterns, this sleeveless jumper being one of them.  I think it is pretty and did wear it a time or two when I first knitted it, but I don't wear sleeveless things now, plus it's really a bit small and likely to remain so even when I have lost more weight.  Daughter did take it over a few years ago and wore it a time or two too, but it is too small for her now that she is fully grown.  I like it and cannot bring myself to just give it to a charity shop, but would like to find it a good home.  It is about size 14 (UK sizing).  If you like it, I would be willing to let you have it, just paying P&P (see note to left), as then I would feel it had gone to a good home and not just got put out for recycling after spending a while languishing in a charity shop.  It is not new, so I would feel wrong charging new sort of price for it, but on the other hand it is in near new condition.  Enough about that.  Moving on.

This next one was based on a pattern borrowed from a friend many years ago.  The stripes were added by me, the left photo being the front and the right one the back.  I did this because I thought I was going to run out of the green, but I quite like the result.  I've still got this as it is still big enough and although I don't wear sleeveless things on their own, I do occasionally under a blouse or jacket.

Another one from the Odhams collection, done a lot more recently.  OK it's not a jumper but a cardigan, but I've included it here.  This was specifically requested by Daughter and is in four colours of 4-ply.  The original only had one pocket, but we both felt it would be better/more balanced with two.  Note: whereas I would be willing to do a short-sleeved jumper as a commission, I am not really willing to do one like this, as it took quite a long time.

On now to my most recent jumper, which I did for myself last summer. (Not the most flattering photo of me and I have lost weight since then - not enough yet, but that's not pertinent here).  This was modified from a pattern I had torn out of a Candis magazine (distributing these was one of the many little jobs I did when the kids were little to try to stretch the ends to the meeting point).  I started doing the jumper according to pattern, which is quite lacy, but realised that the yarn was not suitable for the pattern, so I left out all the laciness except for a row of eyelets round the bottom and the ends of the sleeves.  This photo was taken when I had threaded toning ribbon through the holes, but this was not a brilliant idea either, as the ribbon does not give at all, but the knitting does, with the result that last time I went to put it on the ribbon broke, so in a fit of petulance I pulled it all out and will now do a crochet chain (or may use my lucet which I haven't got out of its packet yet and do a cord with that) and thread that through instead.  Another thing to add to my list of things to do...

That's about it for jumpers until I take some photos of older ones and/or make any new ones.

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  1. You are a prolific knitter ...had to smile over the ribbon though. I do love that hat with the flower. Talking of flowers ...scrappers use crochet flowers on their lay outs ...a market there maybe especially with muted and autumnal colours.