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Monday, 9 May 2011


I picked up knitting reasonably easily when I was little, possibly because my Mum as well as both my grandmothers taught me, whereas I only remember my Dad's Mum trying to teach me crochet - certainly not my Mum anyway.  For some reason crochet just didn't stick in the same way.  I am left-handed and when learning to knit would sometimes knit right-handed and sometimes left-handed, eventually settling to right-handed only.  However, for some reason, I have only ever crocheted left-handed.  I did eventually learn to do granny squares and I made myself a black triangular shawl, which is essentially half a granny square, although a friend started it for me. I may add a photo of this sometime, but do not have one at present.  This was when I was about 25.  About 25 years later, I made one on the same lines in purple for Daughter - well it was going to be all purple, but I ran out of yarn before it was big enough, so it has a black border.

Every once in a while I think, "This is ridiculous.  Crochet is in principle no more difficult than knitting.  I should have another go".  A couple of years ago I bought a book at I Knit (which I can't find for the moment) which gives instructions for both right-handed and left-handed crocheting.  I have never seen one like this before and think it is brilliant.  I read through the beginning bits, thinking, "Yep, know that bit, mmhmm, that bit too" until I came to bits that my grandmother had tried to teach me, but hadn't really gone in, like doing rows of doubles, etc.  At this point I got out a crochet hook or two and some yarn and actually tried it out, with the results below.

On the left is a little bracelet, which is just a few rows of doubles with plaits attached to the ends to tie it up, together with a sampler using doubles and trebles.  I may one day make another identical sampler and put them together to make a small coin purse.  Don't hold your breath, though.

On the right is my first attempt at a hair scrunchie, which I do actually use.  I thought when I had done it that I would make lots of these to sell and bought the elastics to go in the middle.  Hasn't happened yet!

Note to self: More crochet practice!

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