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Friday, 18 January 2013

Hat for me!

I looked at the Charleston yarn I acquired from the old lady's stash previously mentioned and had a feeling that, if I knitted the Tam pattern with it, it might actually turn out large enough to fit me. I did the increases and got started on the decreases, then realised I didn't have enough yarn to finish it. Fortunately a nice person on Ravelry happened to have some and very kindly sent it to me free of charge. By the time I got the further yarn, I thought I still knew what I was doing but realised after a few decreases that I should have been doing them every other row, not every third row. D'oh! Then I looked at it and realised it made a slightly more domed shape, which would actually fit my big head better, and decided to continue as it was, rather than undoing a dozen or so rows. I also decided this is not the sort of yarn that suits a pompon.

I tried to take some photos of it actually on my head to show that it does fit rather well, but they were awful, so I modelled it on a plastic pudding basin instead.

Small after comment: Having made it, thanked the nice Ravelry lady and worn the hat a few times, I looked in my stash boxes for something else and guess what I found. Blush. Some more of this yarn. Really don't know how that came about, as I was sure that I there had only ever been a whole skein and a partial skein in the old lady's stuff, and that is what I started this hat with. But there in the box was another whole skein and another partial. Oh well, now I can make a scarf to go with it if I want! But how embarrassing when I've begged some more!

Spotty Cardigan for Cousin's Grandchild 2

With bootees
Just my work

My cousin's son had a baby last year and I knitted a cardigan for that baby, who turned out to be a boy (see Once More with Bootees last March). Now my cousin's daughter is pregnant, so I thought I'd better get knitting a cardigan for this baby too (who, I am told, is a girl). Ah, I have set a precedent. I could think of worse ones!

This time I decided to make a second size one, as parents generally get given many first size clothes for their baby, which of course baby grows out of quite quickly. I know I am not original in this thought. One of my aunts gave me some second size clothing for my first baby for the same reason.

My Mum knitted some bootees (see second photo) and I packaged the cardigan and bootees and sent them off to Canada a couple of weeks ago.