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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Ideas - Aagh!

No photos this time, as the brain to computer connection is not available, or if it is, it's not widely available.  I have all sorts of ideas buzzing around in my head and nowhere near enough time to do them any time soon.  I have an idea for a multi-coloured knitted necklace with beads which I saw in my head in that time when I was either just waking up or just going to sleep (can't remember which) when all sorts of images flash up - and if it works, I would like to do some more - perhaps a little selling line.  I also keep meaning to make some flowers for fascinators/hair decorations or brooches or for scrappers, either knitted, crocheted or on the flower loom (or maybe all three in turns), and I haven't started the hat I mentioned earlier yet.  Then there's the sock yarn that I actually want to make into socks to continue my process of replacing bought socks with hand-knitted ones as the bought ones die.  And the short-sleeved cardigan I originally intended to knit for Spring, which may just possibly get done for Autumn.  And that's just off the top of my head, before I really start thinking about what I want to make.  Oh, and meanwhile, of course keeping on with the blankets and cardis for SCBU/the Acorn Suite (as I believe it is now called).  Please could someone wedge a few more hours into the day for me, so that I can go to work (great new job by the way - people are actually nice!), sleep enough hours, eat, do a little bit of housework now and again AND make things? 

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