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Friday, 29 March 2013

Third diagonal baby blanket

This one's made the same way as the previous ones (the pink and white one and the blue and cream one), except for the border. I used up a lot of tatty old bits in this and was a bit worried that it looked a bit of a mish-mash, but I think the white border (added because I realised I had made it a wee bit small) brings it together well enough. Some of the yarn I used was specifically given to me for the purpose of making baby blankets for the local baby unit and some was left over from previous projects (including some from at least 30 years ago), so as well as being a useful item, it has been a good stashbuster.

Dropped this in to the Acorn Suite last Saturday (23 March) along with the pink cardigan also posted today. Now I've finally got started on another pair of socks for myself, which will of course turn up on here eventually.


  1. I bet they are appreciated ...and those cardigans are gorgeous. The unit where Ben and Jake were born asked for beany hats for prem babies ...do you make them for your local unit .... Happy Easter xx

  2. Preemie hats was what I was expecting to be asked to do when I went to ask at the special care baby unit, but they said they have enough people doing them and what they needed was newborn size cardigans and blankets of the right size and gave me one as an idea, but said it was a bit small, so I gave it a border and took it back and they said that was the right size, which is about 16-17" x 22", which I guess is about right for covering a baby in one of their fish tank-type thingies.