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Friday, 29 March 2013

Pink Diamond Pattern Baby Cardigan

Yes, it's yet another baby cardigan for the local special care baby unit, but it's a pattern I haven't done before. Also I've been doing 3 ply ones so far and this one is in 4 ply and for a change it doesn't have raglan sleeves (I'm sure there's a proper term for the sort of sleeves it does have, but I'm not sure what it is). The Acorn Suite (SCBU) have stated that they want newborn size cardigans, but looking at the pattern (Sirdar Tops and Pants 3613) and comparing the number of stitches with other patterns, I thought their 0/3 months size would be a bit big, so I followed the instructions for the largest of the premature sizes - and it still looked a bit big for newborn to me, but the nurse who checked it when I brought it in confirmed that it was the right size. She commented that she was checking because sometimes people bring cardigans that are too small (may have said before, but they don't clothe the babies until they are newborn size - presumably keep them in temperature-controlled environment!).

Just as an aside, my Mum admired the stitch pattern of this and copied it for her next square towards our latest blanket for Refuge.

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