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Friday, 25 May 2012

Peaked Hat

The peak finally got attached to the hat!  Some people may wonder if I made this for a bet, but I think it's rather cheerful.  I wouldn't wear it myself, not because of the colours, but because (1) I hardly ever wear hats and (2) it's another one that's a bit small for my great coconut.  I can get it on without stretching it, but the overall circumference of the main body would need to be bigger to look reasonable on me (i.e. more increases before decreasing for those who make hats themselves).  It would be fine (sizewise) for a woman with a normal-sized head.

I thought I'd put another view of the finished item in here, as it looks different in different lights.  I think one photo was taken by daylight and the other by flash, but I'm not too sure which was which.  If you like the end result and would like to own it, you may have it for £5 plus P&P.  Or if you like the style but not the colour, I would be happy to knit another one in your colour of choice.  Unless you provided the yarn, I would want £6 for this.

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