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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Sock Singular has a Partner - Hooray!

 Here, at last, is the partner to sock singular, which I posted all on its own a while ago.  It has only taken me just over a year to complete this pair of socks.  The top finally got sewn down at knitting group last Thursday and I gave them both to Susan immediately with the proviso that she send me photo(s) so I could post here and on Ravelry (so these are her photos of my knitting).  As previously mentioned, this second one is a couple of rows shorter in the foot, so this pair has a right and left sock.

And below, here they both are on the new owner's feet, looking nice and comfy!

Franney asked what yarn it was and when I told her it was an acrylic/cotton mix, she was a little surprised and said it felt like it had silk in it.  It does indeed feel rather nice, and it was only cheap on ebay. The first pair of socks I made from this cone (see earlier post) have been machine washed and have come to no harm.  There is still quite a bit left, probably enough for a another two pair of socks - so still no need to buy any yarn yet.

Meanwhile, the hat still awaits the attachment of its peak, but I have made progress with the baby cardi and the cushion cover.

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