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Wednesday, 28 December 2011


 I mentioned back in September that I had started on Rudolf.  He has been knitted entirely from yarn that DD and I already had (thanks to her for the oatmeal and red), except for the bells which Franney donated.  He is stuffed with the insides of an old pillow and his legs and neck are supported by some chenille sticks I found inserted into plastic straws acquired in a pub.  Therefore he has not broken my yarn diet at all.

Like the Tipsy Turkey I did last year (just realised he has not been put on this blog.  Will have to rectify that soon when I have transferred photos from CD saved from old computer to new one), he is done from an Alan Dart pattern.  I'm not so keen on the sewing up, but Alan Dart's patterns are so very clear for the knitting, that they are very easy to follow and make.

I'm pretty sure I positioned the nose as stated in the pattern, but may have put his mouth a bit low down.  This has given him a bit of a shy and/or snooty look, which I wasn't too sure about at first, but has grown on me, so I will not be unpicking his features.

Just one little comment about safety: As he has chenille sticks inside, which have wire down the middle, I would say this is a toy for adults/Christmas decoration and not suitable for children, especially little children.

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  1. I love him ...so cute ...even better that you had no need to buy the materials. Happy New Year to you all xx