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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Diagonal Pink Baby Blanket

Still no finished pics of previously mentioned items, as they are still not quite finished!  However, they were taking so long that I started feeling guilty about not doing anything for the SCBU and felt inspired, having seen a shades of green sock yarn one someone had done of Ravelry, to put together some of the multitude of pink bits and pieces of DK I have cluttering up the place with this result.

I still have at least as much pink left, but in slightly peachier shades, so could do another one with them.  In case anyone's interested as to how I made this, I started off as if knitting a garter stitch diagonal square (increase one stitch at beginning of each row).  When the sides got to the length needed for the short side (about 16") I started decreasing one stitch at the beginning of alternate rows, so it was still growing one side, but had turned the corner and was decreasing at the same rate the other side (hope that makes sense!).  Then, when the longer side was the required length (about 22"), I started decreasing that side too for the final triangle.  Fortunately there was enough left (just!) of the strawberry ice cream pink, which is alternate stripes throughout the whole blanket, to do an applied I-cord edging.  (Note to self: get on with the other items - one post a month is not enough!)

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