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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Blue/cream Diagonal Baby Blanket

Just managing to sneak this in before the month ends, so at last putting up more than one post in a month - still not getting on with the WIPs, but I did another diagonal garter stitch baby blanket.  This included yarn from an item I bought at a Cats' Protection League Fair around 30 years ago intending to unravel it and use the yarn - finally did that for this blanket a few days ago - and the I-cord edging was made with yarn left over from a baby cardi I knitted for either my youngest cousin or my close friend's first son (I knitted them similar ones and they are about a year different in age - both now over 30!).  So at least I am staying within my yarn diet and SCBU got another blanket from me.

My Mum had also knitted a blanket for SCBU.  I know this blog is about my work, but I thought this was so nice, it should be shown somewhere.  The squares are garter stitch, sewn together, then the seams oversewn with chain stitch to neaten them up.  I wouldn't have thought of doing that.  It therefore also serves to show that even if two people are doing basically the same thing (i.e. in this case a DK baby blanket sized 16" x 22" approx) and even using the same stitch, the finished items can turn out very different!

I have also nearly finished a second baby cardigan just like the one in the previous post, which initially I thought I would give to SCBU, but now I will have to do a third one for them, as the second one will be sent to Canada for my eldest cousin's first grandchild - the first child of a new generation in our mutual family!  Quite exciting!


  1. Love that stripey blanket ...and I love the way Betty joined the squares ...hadn't thought of that. I cant believe that I haven't knitted for nearly 30 years ...I am gradually getting back into it now.

  2. I love the diagonal stripe on the balnket and I do like pattern on the one your mother knitted.