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Friday, 19 August 2011

Latest Baby Cardigan

In my last post I said I had three works in progress.  I am pleased to report I have now finished one of them - the latest baby cardigan for SCBU.

I don't normally do photos of unfinished items here, but the colour on the photo without buttons is closer to the correct colour, so I've included both this time.  I've lost track of where I acquired the pink yarn from, but it was all tangled when I got it, so I sorted it out and wound it up into a ball and decided it would about do a baby cardi.  It was just about enough to do a v-neck one, but unfortunately I chose to do a round-neck one, so ran out.  Fortunately, however, I had some white left over from other items, so did the button band (not visible in the photos) and the neck band in white.  I think it looks OK.

Buttons were the next problem.  None of the local shops had any pink or white - or any other colour - buttons of the right size, so I ended up ordering 100 from ebay - 50 white and 50 blue - for £2.60, which is cheaper per button than local shops are anyway, so I was quite pleased - and they arrived quickly too.  It's not quite clear from the photo, but I used 7 white buttons for this cardi (blue would have looked a bit odd I think!).  I still have quite a bit of blue 3 ply to knit up into baby cardis, so the blue button are already earmarked for use and no doubt the white ones will find a use before long.

This cardigan was taken to SCBU this afternoon.  The other two WIPs are progressing and I will post more about these later.

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