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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Baby Stuff - Blankets

Firstly, a couple of Tunisian crochet blankets.  The one on the left was made over 24 years ago.  I purchased the yarn from a yarn shop near the corner of Lincoln's Inn Fields and made this blanket for use in the Moses basket and car seat for my daughter.  It was also of course later used for my son.  The photo is a little small to see the detail, but the yarn is mostly white with threads of different colours spun in with.  I decided it needed an edging and did two rows of crochet doubles round three edges, but probably did a few too many, as it seems to have gone a bit curly and misshapen.  The ribbon at the end was from my wedding dress.  My wedding dress had a white ribbon band around the waist with a bow sewn on as an afterthought, or so I felt, so I removed the bow and some of that got used for this blanket.

In with the same charity shop bag of yarn that the fluffy scarf yarn came in, was 100 g of multi colour acrylic double knit, which, although not the same, kind of reminded me of the blanket I had made 20 or so years previously so I started making a blanket in the same style, but part way through remembered that the first one had taken 200g, so this one probably would too, so then bought 100g of plain white acrylic DK to fill in with. Then, having just learned how to do applied I-cord, I did an edging with this - not sure if you can see from the photo, but I did the edging multi-colour on the white bits and vice versa. 

These above two blankets are for keeping, potentially for my grandchildren, should they ever arrive.  (Not hurrying my offspring, though).

Now onto ones I have done for SCBU.  I decided that, at least until I have been paid a month or two in my new job (finally got one starting end May) I am not spending any money on stuff for SCBU, so the following blankets have been made from stash and/or donations from knitting group friends.

Hang on, that first one's just a border.  Yes, when I first went to offer my services, the lady I spoke to gave me a blanket to take away to give me an idea of size, but said it was really a bit smaller than they wanted, so my blankets should be a bit bigger, so I thought if that one was not much use to them as it was, it would make sense to do the small job of making a border for it first, so I could take that back fairly quickly to check it was now the right size, having first measured it, which I did and it was, so I then had a size to work to and they had a usable blanket more quickly than if I had made a whole one straight off.

The pink diamond patterned blanket was modified from a pattern for a larger, pram blanket, but the other two are entirely my own design.  If you would like to know more about how I did them, you could look at my projects on Ravelry.com (details in the about me bit above) or leave a comment asking me, as detailing all this in full might make for a rather tedious post.

I do have some more yarn available for blankets - in fact, having decided not to spend any money on SCBU blankets, I then bought a couple of ridiculously cheap batches of yarn on ebay and have decided some of that will become at least one blanket (so much for resolutions...) - but I'm just finishing off another blue cardigan for them, then I'm going to do a white baby cardigan for the lady who has been good enough to go on maternity leave so I can have her job for at least nine months.  I also have some things I want to do for myself... 

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  1. How I wish I could crochet still ...some how I have forgotten and become all fumble fingers.lol
    If you are looking up povost ...it is the Scotish meaning which I have now put on the bottom of my post.